Class 11 in Langenthal

The 11th school year is open to all interested students (with or without previous Waldorf school experience). It is based on the Waldorf curriculum with a corresponding focus on language, science and arts and crafts subjects.

Class 11/Pre-IB

The 11th grade, pre-IB, is the preparation year for the IB Diploma Programme in Langenthal (12th and 13th grade).
Although many of the subjects can be examined in German, in Langenthal, several subjects will be taught in English. For this reason, there is an emphasis on the English language in class 11. The students will attend another Steiner school in an English-speaking country for 3 months.

Student Exchange

A three-month study leave in an English-speaking country was implemented in the profile for the 11th grade. The students have free choice over which school they wish to attend and if they want to find an exchange student or just do a language stay. Some students choose to do a language stay in grade 10 already (can also be in a french-speaking country)