Class 12 and 13 with IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The two year programme teaches the students not only to become independent and self-confident adults, but also to explore their own creativity and sensitivity. They are taught to deal with any kind of situation in their future life.

Connection between the Waldorf curriculum and the IBDP

The IBDP is a demanding course that effectively prepares students for university. They take subjects from six areas: two modern languages [1/2], one humanities or social science subject [3], one experimental science [4], mathematics [5] and one subject from the arts [6]. Instead of the arts subject, a second subject can also be selected from the groups [1-5] (e.g. a third foreign language).

These subjects are grouped around a pedagogical core that has some parallels to the Waldorf curriculum. In addition to lessons, independent work and examinations in the individual subjects, the IB programme places great emphasis on education and further development in the personal, emotional and social spheres. This educational core not only optimally prepares students for the challenges of university, but also for active participation in social life.