IBDP subjects

In our school, we have decided to teach German, English and Biology in the Higher Level and Spanish, history, and Mathematics in Standard Level. In addition to that, subjects that are not assessed by the IB (music/choir, arts and PE) are offered to the students.

Spanish ab initio

In Spanish ab initio, students learn the Spanish language without any prior knowledge. They learn to speak, write, and understand written texts and spoken conversations. The focus in class is not only on teaching the Spanish language; the students' intercultural understanding is also continuously promoted through the examination of different Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures.

History SL

 In history, historical texts, photos, pictures and films are analysed, events and their significance are discussed, reasons, consequences and perspectives are explored and we deal with change and continuity. The study of history promotes an understanding of oneself in addition to an understanding of current political or social problems.

Biology HL

Biology is the science that deals with life and all the processes involved in it. Hardly any other subject combines as many disciplines as biology. Thus, biology lessons start as basic as it can be and begin with the cell and the molecular processes that make life possible in the first place. From there, many subject areas of biology are covered.